Wednesday, 19 August 2015

97 degrees

It's 97 degrees. Seeking refuge in the library. Too much sun no fun. No wifi at home. Breakfast with Elvis at Mary's Cafe. Hagg Lake is mucky. And cool. We took neighbor boy, Billy. He loves Mindcraft. Different language. Filled up car with gas, 37 dollars. We have a car! 2003 Mazda. She is black, has a moon roof. We call her Roisin Dubh. Love our little town. Red brick, awnings. Too hot to walk to town. Weird. We drive seven blocks. Everything is weird. And lovely. Latinos. Americans. Gorgeous people. Punch drunk on heat. Stupid thirty. Short thoughts. May move from library. Cinema calling, air conditioning. Garage sales. Iced lattes. Buy a fan. Lily ok. Send rain to 1830 26th Ave, Forest Grove, Oregon 97116. Conditioned air. Stop global warming. Corn on the cob. Cherry tomatoes. Salsa! Crush on handyman. Ice in drinks. Understand. Windows open night and day. Send breeze. No writey. Black and white dairy cows. Winery. Times 12. No drinky. Brown lawn. We miss home. We are home. 97.